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Brentwood Vintage Flour Sieve ( LARGE)


Bentwood Flour Sieve

Vintage kitchen flour sieve, Bentwood is a traditional method of bending wood it was developed by a German-Austrian cabinet maker, Michael Thonet (1786-1871). In essence the maker will take strips of fresh-cut wood at desired lengths and widths, the ends are chamfered (I had to look this up it means bevelled, don’t laugh knowledgeable readers if you already knew this) then the strips are steamed for a few hours in a steam cabinet. When the wood is softened, the strips are rolled round cylinders, and once bent, dry out over a few days. The chamfered ends of the rim are tacked together, and holes drilled for the mesh. The mesh is stretched and woven inside the rim. A labour-intensive process creating attractive functional pieces for the kitchen. Nowadays popular as decorative wall art.


Very good condition, I am not sure what wood has been used though, perhaps the amateur, or professional arborists amongst you may be able tell me.


Large H120mm x W280mm

Medium H115mm x W220mm ( also available)

Small H105mm x W185mm ( also available)




Late 1940s- early 1950s


Found in France, at a brocante held bi-annually in Saint Omer, historic village only 50 minutes from Dover. This brocante attracted hundreds for traders and families looking to sell their wares. It winds up and down the streets and can take hours to get from one end to another. A great day out with motivated sellers and excited buyers, most of them French. Best to have a smattering of French to be able to negotiate as most of the sellers come from the surrounding villages and although their English is better than they let on they prefer to trade in French. My French is limited (I am trying to improve), so my secret at these events is take a notebook, know at least the numbers 1-100 and write down what you want to pay when negotiating, encourage them to do the same, that way there is no confusion. Smile a lot and enjoy yourself, it works for me.


1-  Large


Large $75


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