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Vintages French Jam Pot


Large Copper Jam pot

Fabulous vintage French  large copper jam pot


Excellent condition, very heavy with solid metal handle


H145mm x W260mm (Handle 215mm)


France, Troyes


Unknown, but if I had to guess I would say 1950s


On one of our many trips to France we stopped off for a couple of nights in Troyes (pronounced Trwa). We were driving along the banks of the river through the small villages surrounding Troyes and came across a small shop, we stopped (rather abruptly, as I yelled STOP, Marco knows what that means …Vintage) we walked up to the door of a small shop, but it was closed, a real shame as even through the dirty windows (don’t think they had been washed for many years) it looked like real treasures waited inside. We were about to leave when an old chap who had been leaning on the riverbank railing smoking a cigarette chatting to an ami said “Je peux m’ouvrir pour vous” I let out a squeal and said “oui s’il vous plait”. He opened the door, turned on the lights and opened his arms inviting us in to explore, he then wandered off back to his spot in the sun. It was a feast for the eyes. After several turns around the small store a rather large pile of goodies built up on the counter, then came some great haggling and we were the proud owners of this great pot and a number of other terrific items, many of which will appear on the site.


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Oct 21 France Troyes For the Cook

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